Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes someone else knows how to say it!

SO... summertime is wedding season. The dreaded single person's activity to go and be supportive of their friends yet again. Don't get me wrong... we're happy for them but again, it is a reminder that it isn't for you. Today in the hallway of work I chatted with another coworker who was a bridesmaid yet again! in her life and is quite done with it.

This blog was forwarded to me by a friend. I think that this person has some good ideas... I'm going to muse on it and take action! Family... keep your eyes peeled for A Good Man.

Friday, July 10, 2009

It's been a while!

I have been awol for a while. There's a reason... fundraising season, finishing off the basement project and the lame-ness that is my life. The sad part is that it has made me very busy! So I'm going to do Seven Takes that is inspired by Conversion Diary!

My seven takes:
  1. What is it about Stampede and all the surrounding events that brings out the best and the worst in a city? This week I have experienced: bad alcohol shirts (some not even being shirts), free pancake breakfasts for all, sardine style packed trains and people that have raised money for charity... What a crazy week!
  2. 16 year olds eat a ton of food! Now it isn't boys but girls that are active can pack it away... not fair especially when they complain that Canadian stores don't have small enough women's clothes for them. I think that it shows God's grace that I suggested the girls' clothing section without guffawing.
  3. Having many people around you on vacation is good for thinking. I have had way better success with long term plan for the upcoming year without interruptions. The Office is funny funny funny!
  4. How do you break to the one temporary international student that is obsessed with the 80s that really and truly, the 80s had cool things but the fashion? Hmmm... it's meant to stay in the 80s.
  5. IKEA easy assemble furniture isn't meant to be put together around young children. All the easiness evaporates for the last two steps when it JUST doesn't work. This also shouldn't be done when you are in a rush to leave the house! Your thumb may accidentally be jammed by yourself under a table leg-banging it hard doesn't work well when it includes some of your digits.
  6. I love my slow cooker! I love it. I love it. It helps me survive those seasons when I have international students. How do people live without one?
  7. Summertime is fabulous. Sunshine is great. Being outside rocks. Enjoying others and hanging out with old friends at a pool-there isn't anything like it! I don't know that I want to live in the Great White North all the time.
Hope you're doing well! I got to leave work early today so I'm a happy camper!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tightwad I am not?

So my cousin prides herself on being cheap. My mother and her (God bless them both) are like soul sisters divided at birth. We all (that would be the one side of the family) say it and agree with one another about these things! 

But before I get too high and mighty, there are significant signs that I am probably from the same gene pool even if sometimes they seem a bit weaker:

  • At a family event last weekend complete with cousins and cutie patootie kids, my cousin was telling her sister-in-law about a great kids' consignment store and I offered my services to go to this store so close to my house to keep my eyes peeled for them on the clearance rack. I do not have children or anything resembling them in my house but I willingly offer to shop for other children (who happen to be the cutest in the whole wide world) so their mamas can save money.
  • I was going to purchase a card for a coworker that is leaving because of cutbacks and I must admit that the final decision between two cards that would work was the dollar's difference. What are those card companies doing? Lining the envelopes with gold?
  • I am leaving my house fifteen minutes earlier on Friday and Saturday so I can carpool with coworkers... Did I mention that we are talking about pre-6:30ish hours? Those 15 minutes count! And yet, think of the gas (and environmental footprint) I'll save one coworker and the other one will save me... as well as the agency for a lack of claimed mileage.
  • I am the biggest skype fan ever... I tell all sorts of people about it. Free computer-to-computer calling (with ability to see your friends that have a webcam) and cheap, cheap, cheap computer to long distance phone calling. I was a fan WAY before Oprah (not that I watch her... but I read it on the internet and everything on the internet is true, right?)
  • The most insulting of all... I was making mini chocolate chip cheesecakes tonight and they got dumped on the cupboard. Obviously not good enough to take to a party but good enough to scrap up and put back in their wrappers for a frozen albeit not so beautiful snack... yes, all you swine flu phobics, the counter was spotless and very much wiped down before I pulled these delights out of the oven. All the while saying out loud in a definite teacher voice, "no, no, no."
So... I guess that I need to recession proof myself more and more but I might be already on the right track.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Viva la difference!

So... a month has flown by. I went to Mexico to visit an old student and had a blast. I learnt about some differences between the two countries:

  • In Canada, animals are kept behind fences and away from people in their proper places. In Mexico, you'll find animals everywhere. At a 'drive-up' bar on the beach, in the middle of a boulevard eating grass in traffic in a city of one million people, picking up garbage every morning... animals are used to earning their keep.
  • In Canada, food is sold in proper places. In Mexico, one street will get turned into a market and all the sudden there is freshly cooked chicken, a roasting cow's head (seriously!) and people even hawking cds for way cheap.
  • In Canada, when people say the times that they show up-these are proper times that are strictly observed. In Mexico, you tell your friends that the party starts 1-2 hours before you hope that they get there, meals are eaten in shifts as people show up and time is treated as way more relative.
We have the proper things all figured out ... but here's the confession: I want to go back! It is 30C there and it is snowing here. Warmth covers over a lot!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is taunting me!

This has been a long week. Long work days that made it so that by the time I rushed home and made dinner, chatted with the student and got the next day's lunch made, it was time to head to bed and start all over again. The good news is that in one meeting, I was feeling antsy just sitting there without any knitting or something to do. Apparently I started fidgeting with a piece of paper too much and my new supervisor commented that I needed some knitting! (they have been sucked into my borg... they realize that knitting is not a bad thing!)

However, today was just an 8 hour day. It's amazing what you can do after work with a couple hours before dinner... 8 errands that have been hanging over my head and a walk. SOOOOOO good-no, I haven't been broken of all type A tendencies yet. 

The best part? Taking in my winter coat for dry cleaning hoping that I don't have to use it again and letting it be ready for next fall... crossing the fingers! Please spring, please stay. You are wanted... really wanted! 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Death of an era!

Pull out the tissues, hankies or whatever will be needed. There has been a death of an era. This is truly one of the saddest things ever:

Dollarama has gone away from their AMAZING philosophy of everything costing a loonie. They now charge $1, $1.25, $1.50 and $2 for some items. Slay me now. Upon some deep research (chatting to the friendly clerk) it appears that there are some new items that are significantly nicer than the loonie items. With some prodding (well, a friendly smile and a question) she admitted that there have been items that have gone up in price.

Wahhhh... this store doesn't have the same deep loyalty that it has always garnered. I am now on the search for a store that has my undying loyalty! Dollarama, consider yourself warned!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Madness!

Sorry I've been silent to all five of my family members! February kicked the stuffing out of me...
  • car accident
  • lack of energy
  • paperwork
  • lots of work at work 
  • and to top it off... having one of the neighbor's dog leave me little treats on my lawn... it seemed like it was symbolic of February! Hah hah!
I've decided that I am a fan of March. Here's why:
  • Many wardrobe options-you can choose to wear spring and winter within a 24 hour period and both will be needed. Be forewarned that you should NOT shave your head as one of my male coworkers did in celebration of spring... it will go down to-20 tomorrow! Oh joys
  • Longer sunlight... it truly makes a difference in what you're able to do. The only downside is that now you have to wait until after 6:45 to have friends over so they don't see the dust.
  • Inspiration to clean out closets, storage areas, freezers and everything just in case your life all the sudden turns cool and you are able to do something fun... then you'll have organized space at home. Call me Type A-a tidy house makes a girl happy!
March Madness-most would tell you that it is about the basketball but for this Canadian chiquita-it gives me hope that I'll be able to start my car without scraping it, not worry about the ice on the roads as I cross the street and come home while it is still sunshiney out there!